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F-1 Octane (Research Method)116
F-2 Octane (Motor Method)106
Specific Gravity (@60°F).741
Heat Release per unit weight (bomb calorimeter)19,800BTU/Ib.
Reid Vapor Pressure 6.5 psi
Net Oxy by Mass 1%

ERC 110K is an extremely cost-effective, bulk-blended product constructed primarily with alkylated isoparaffinic and aromatic blending stocks. It contains the absolute minimum quantity of combustion reactive, gum forming olefinic materials.

High ASTM Octane numbers are obtained from the use of high grade branched chain alkanes possessing superior tetraethyl lead (TEL) sensitivity and high resistance to heat and pressure. End gas region control is further enhanced with the use of high auto-ignition temperature/medium boiling range aromatic materials.

TEL levels are moderate, and appropriate quantities of effective lead scavengers and combustion chamber deposit cleansers have been incorporated into ERC 110K. Oxygenated octane improvers are utilized; and a proven antioxidant is used to maximize storage life. Additionaly, an extremely effective fuel system cleanliness additive is used.

High heat values per unit volume and the capability of running leaner A/F ratios produce excellent mileage figures in real world race conditions. Iso-paraffinic hydrocarbon materials with high hydrogen/carbon ratios are used to optimize heat release per unit weight.

ERC 110K has demonstrated a superior convective cooling coefficient related to extracting heat from the combustion chamber during periods of overlap flow. This characteristic of ERC 110K gives it the capability of reducing cooling system heat exchange loads, thereby allowing engine operation with lean mixture/best power tuning adjustments for extended periods.

Distillation Curve Data
IBP 95° F
5%125° F
10% 150° F
20% 180° F
30% 202° F
40% 216° F
50%220° F
60% 226°
70% 241° F
80%245° F
90%252° F
95% 262° F
EP 265°F
Residue 1.0%
Loss .5%





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